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Re: Problems with home move -help!!!

That would be great thanks Liz. BT are a mess
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Re: Problems with home move -help!!!

Hi @disgruntled3 I'm sorry to hear that your original order to move your service to your new home had to be cancelled.

I appreciate that this is very frustrating. The original order would have been issued as a takeover of a working service and the request to stop the service on the 15th by the current occupant will have been received after your order was placed. Therefore the order would have to be cancelled and an order to takeover a stopped service is required.

The Home Moving team will be best placed to get the new order placed for you and advise you on the connection date for your service.  Check this out about Moving Home complaints and depending on whether you have already raised a complaint it will tell you how to get help with your home move order. They will provide the best advice and help on getting you connected at your new home. 


Community ModeratorJohnC
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