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Purchases made via Topcashback not showing in BY system

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Last week, I tried to signup to a BT Business Broadband plan via Topcashback (TCB). I received an order number at the end of the sale process on BT website and within few minutes I noticed a cash back amount showing on my TCB account. The cash back was almost 40% less than what was advertised so I deceived to lodge a report but when I went back to BT to track my record, the website couldn’t find it. Assuming the order was placed late in the evening I thought I’ll check on BT again the next morning, but my order was still showing, so I called in BT sales team and they said since I placed an order via a third party there might be a system delay and the guy insisted he can place the same order for me on phone, when I asked him what about the cash back and my previously placed order, he said I won’t receive cash back and the previous order will automatically get cancelled. I tried to them do another order again via TCB and same thing happens received cash back instantly and also an order number from BT, but when I try to track it down there is no update or record of it on BT system.

so just wondering is there any technical issues why orders placed through TCB are not showing in BT’s system?

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Re: Purchases made via Topcashback not showing in BY system

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Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum

As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at


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