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Questions regarding how I pay my Line Rental Bill and also BT Broadband queries

Hi BT,  I'm currently a BE Broadband customer,  I was a BT Broadband customer back in the days when you had BT Home Hub 1.0 and 8mb packages which i was only getting like 5-6mb, 0.3mb upload and constant speed caps on my connection to 1mb.  You guys didn't have true unlimited usage back then so being a gamer and someone that frequently downloads I changed to BE broadband.  They gave me a steady 11mb connection with 1.3mb upload speed which I've been satisfied with.   But now BE Broadband has been sold off to Sky which I don't think I want to be apart of as I've heard a lot of bad feedback and I really do not want to be forced into paying their line rental if I where to switch to Sky Unlimited.  


So now I'm considering coming back to BT Broadband,  knowing that you've probably improved over the years.  I hope so.  I know you have this whole BT Infinity going now but my area doesn't support fibre optic broadband and probably never will because I've looked on the BT Openreach website and it says there are no plans for my area to be installed with fibre optics which I would of wanted to have but oh well.  What are the chances of my internet speed being the same as it is now with BE Broadband?   I don't see why it would go any slower.   Are your upload speeds around the same?


Also I have a question regarding the payment methods of your BT Line rental.  I'm currently already on the BT line rental on the anytime calling plan.   I pay the bill quarterly every 3 months, which I'm comfortable with.  What confuses me is when I select the package to order BT Unlimited + Calls I only have the option to select Monthly Line Rental or Line Rental Saver.   Why am I able to pay my phone every 3 months if those are the only two options?   I'd prefrably want to stick to how I pay my phone bill.   So further more how should I go about ordering BT Unlimited broadband without it interfering with my currrent BT line rental?  I just want BT Broadband unlimited along side my current BT line rental method of pay.  Would I still be eligible for the 6 months free and the gift card.  Is the BT Home Hub 4 that comes with it free also?  Also one more question, I'd need my MAC code from BE Broadband right?  


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Re: Questions regarding how I pay my Line Rental Bill and also BT Broadband queries

This is a community forum.  The people on here are other BT customers.


The speeds have certainly improved but only if BT's equipment at your exchange supports ADSL2/2+.  If not, you'll get what you had before.  While the speeds have improved, the same can't be said for the customer service.  Upload on ADSL2+ can be up to about 1.2M.  On ADSLMax, it's still capped at 448K.


BT like to combine broadband and phone on one bill.  So if you get line rental and broadband, they will send you one monthly bill for both.  You might be able to get them separately, but not through the web site.  Try sales on 0800 800 150.

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