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Quidco Cashback

Quidco Cashback

Hi there I placed an order for BT phone and broadband back in Nov of last year via Quidco with a £120 cashback offer (which was the difference that made choosing this service the best deal).

I've just had the cashback claim rejected by Quidco. When I queried this they wrote "The retailer has informed us that the purchase was either cancelled or amended, which means it wouldn't be eligible for cashback." which is not the case as I continued with the original order and am submitting this post via this service! Quidco will not offer any further help.

Looking back I received a few emails with revised installation dates and there was an issue with my previous phone number which delayed things and  that had a different order number on them, I wonder if BT have cancelled and resubmitted my order internally?

I see that some people in similar situations have been helped out on these forums and it would make a real difference to me if someone could help me to solve this.

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Re: Quidco Cashback

Hi @stukes11,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. I'm sorry your cashback payment has been declined by Quidco. If your order was canceled and reissued for any reason this is likely the reason what the payment was declined.

If you send me in your details, I'll be able to check what happened and if possible I should be able to get that to track back to your original order.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to contact me. You can access your messages via the envelope icon at the top right of the screen, or click on this link, Private messages



Community ModeratorPaddyB
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