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Quidco money declined from BT

Hi can anyone please help me.....on the 15march I ordered Unlimited BT Infinity + Calls and TV via my quidco account due to a good deal where i was offered £110 cashback. However, following this there were complications with the order due to my home not having infinity in the area thus, causing 3 months delay when everything should have been sorted and working on our completion date in March!

In the meantime during the wait, I was able to get copper broadband and a telephone line until the issue was resolved, this issue is now currently resolved and my orginial order is up and running. 

Yet, for some reason my quidco cash back was not tracked following purchase and now has been declined by BT on my cashback claim. I have contacted quidco and they have advised there is nothing else that can be done as it is BT who have declined the claim and stipulated that perhaps terms and conditions were not met. 

I find this outrageous as all terms and conditions were met, I have never had any problems with quidco in the past and all cashback was tracked and received previously. 

Can someone please help as £110 cash back is alot of money to not receive due to no fault of my own. I have all email correspondings to my package.


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Re: Quidco money declined from BT

Hi @jessicacoral67,

Welcome to the community. I'm sorry your Quidco Cashback has been declined. If you had a number of issues with your original order, then its likely that this has caused it not to track correctly.

If you send me in your details, I'll be able to take a look to see if anything can be done. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?



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