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Re: 3 months waiting

we ordered FTTP on the 22nd of April this year, this was after Openreach upgraded the overhead cables for the service last December 2020, on the 14th May this year we contacted BT to enquire how many visits we would need from an engineer as we had heard it sometimes takes 2, we were informed by BT customer service that it would be 1 visit required, but that the planed upgrade to FTTP on the 17th of May was not going ahead because the order didnt go through BT Wholesale [ lucky we phoned or we wouldn't have known ! ] since then up to a week ago we must have spoken to 20 different people all give different reasons for the order not going through from wrong address details, system failure, capacity issue and even "complex" capacity issue, the order has been canceled, the cancelation didnt go though, but nobody noticed for nearly a month, it was canceled again and the service reordered and was told that it was sorted and now going through, the service live day was the 8th of July, it came and went and was then told it was a capacity issue AGAIN !  this is after probably 20 failed call backs, they just dont call back, umptean failed updates from diffrent people, we have probably made 30+ calls to try and resolve and chase up the calls that never arrived, one person from the "Fibre Team" was very rude and arrogant and told me we can go elsewhere !!

as a temporary solution we have been offered Fibre to the Cabinet, what i dont understand is if there is a capacity issue at the exchange IE currently no room for another fibre line, how can there be a fibre line to the cabinet we can use, surely that can be used from the exchange to the cabinet to the premises ?   also as we keep telling BT we are already on FTTC and have been for many years their records say we are on copper from the exchange to the house when we are clearly not. i have an email from openreach to say the system and lines are installed and ready to go, all they need is the order from BT Wholesale, i have also spoken to a couple of local Openreach engineers who say the infrastructure is more than capable of taking our connection and many others to.

the incompetence is astounding, i thought BT was the supposed to be the top Telecoms company out there, instead they come across as a bunch of amateurs. we keep getting told: we are waiting for an update from BT Wholesale, the last comms from the Fibre team hinted that this was going to take a very long time to resolve, this really is not good enough, anybody got any ideas or even a contact with in BT i can badger?

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Re: 3 months waiting

Hi @karenfraser and welcome to our community.

I'm really sorry there's been a delay in getting you connected and for the confusion with that. I'll be happy to take a look at this and find out what's happening with the order. I've dropped you a private message just now so you can get in touch.



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Re: 3 months waiting

They wouldn’t be able to use the Fibre Line from the RDSLAM as that’d knock out DSL Services to everyone one that PCP.

FTTP works differently and doesn’t rely on a RDSLAM.

FTTP Works on a Single Fibre coming from a Port on the Head End in the Parent Exchange, which then goes to a Splitter where’s its split into 32 Fibres using a SASA.

Those 32 Fibres are then used to provide Services for up to 32 customers.

Where the Capacity Issue you are referring to is could be anywhere in the Network. 

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Re: 3 months waiting

Are you currently a BT customer , or a customer of someone else but also using Openreach network ?
How did you check to availability of FTTP for your address…assuming you have ‘BT’ already what do you get for your phone number at ( post the results )
As already stated , FTTP isn’t delivered from a FTTC cabinet, so ‘issues’ that affect FTTP don’t influence wether FTTC is available …it’s impossible to for anyone here to be sure what the issue may be , I wouldn’t be surprised though if is some mismatch between address records , the fact that you are on FTTC already , yet you are thought to be on standard ADSL suggests a records issue…is there anything out of the ordinary about your address ?

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