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Re: And another cashback cheque not received

Hi im in the same boat received the £150 card but not the £50 cash back spent loads of time on BT Chat line to the point of pure frustration filled in claim back forms my order Ref AJM *********** Is there any one at BT can sort this out or more so any one i can SPEAK to ? 

Its beyond a joke 


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Re: And another cashback cheque not received



I had to go through the moderators here to make a claim.  They called me a few times and then said BT had declined my claim as that offer wa noot valid when I ordered the broadband. fortunately I had taken a screenshot of the page I ordered it from showing the full details of the offer. It is still being worked on at present so still not resolved.  


BT make it extremely difficult to claim the rewards card (had similar issues with that but got it eventually), and the cashback.  Be warned!  Read the full part of this page relating to BT including dropdown if thinkoing of taking these deals:


And This:


If you do not fill in correct forms at correct timeBT wil not urge or remind you. They are deliberately obtuse about how to claim the rewards or cashback and will not make any mention of these in their communication emails to you as a new customer. Take a screenshot of the offers before ordering a proof of what you are entitiled to.

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Re: And another cashback cheque not received

Total Disgrace a Company of BT status they want reporting to the Trading Standards  con merchants if they dont cough up in my case i will be pulling the plug with them !!!   

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Re: And another cashback cheque not received

Hi @Willo1 Sorry you have not received your cashback cheque yet. The normal lead time is 45 days from the claim is submitted. Has that time passed for your claim yet? Post back and let me know.





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