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Re: BT Cancelled my account in error... now I have no internet for nearly 3 weeks - what to do?

Exact same thing happended to me.  No Wi-Fi 9th May but with an odd text message from BT about returning a mini-hub.  We called them - they told us that the account holder called them April 9th to cancel the account (which we very very obviously did not).  As a side point - we both work from home alot and have teenagers sitting both A-levels & GCSE's with online tutors.  We never had an issue with BT so why on earth disrupt everything with changin provider (when we all know is rarely a smooth transition).

Anyway - no explanation given - only to confirm that someone called twice on 9th April to cancel the account.   We recevied no text confirmation or no email confirmation confirming 'said' call on the 9th April.    \we do not know if this was malicious intent, stolen identity or an internal screw-up.     I suggest it is the later given the vague responses given by the BT call handlers and the constant being put on hold whilst they 'had to speak to a colleague'.   Also - who was the email & text sent to???  Odd.

Worse - we are told we have to create a new account and wait for 28th May (3 weeks) for re-installation despite the hardware remaining in situ.  No prioritisation for us and no explanation.  To say we are disgusted and livid is an understatement.

Several calls and promises of an explanation later - no further forward.  We are now told that a call has been scheduled for a BT rep to call us back on the 24th May!  I don't know what for as we were told on 2 seperate occassions by the call handlers that someone would call us back ASAP to give further explanation. 

My questions on todays 3rd follow up call were very clear:

1) from which telephone number was the cancellation call made from?

2) What was the email address and phone number where the confirmation of cancellation was sent to?

3) What questions were ask exactly for security clearance? i.e. mothers maiden name, bank account details etc?

4) When can we hear recordings of the 'said' cancellation calls? - You never know, we may recongnise the voice!

Yet - I am told that NONE of that information was visible on screen and will have to wait for my call back in 2 weeks.    I am also told there is some kind of 10 day period for 'call-backs'.   

Thing is - I care not for internal process  - makes no difference to me.  Common sense says that if there is risk of fraud, suspicious activity or error on BTs part then that needs to be prioritised and dealt with outside of internal service level agreements.   We are now sitting here not knowing if our details are being passed around to scammers and the offer of '2 months free' has zero value.    

So - BT - when you respond, I don't want an apology or a reminder of internal policy or the 2 month free compensation.  I want a very clear explanation and details of the transcripts from the 9th April.  I also do NOT want to hear that there is no way to shift my 28th May re-installation date forward.   We live in a digital and flexibale age - all of these things are possible in the flick of a switch!!!!  (unlike re-activation of my BT box which is still sitting there glowing purple).

This is just the beginning BT.



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Re: BT Cancelled my account in error... now I have no internet for nearly 3 weeks - what to do?

Firstly please remove your account details, this is a public forum & the only BT employees here are moderators so your post won't go to BT or be answered by them.

Secondly to request the info you'll have to follow the steps on the privacy policy page  -Privacy Policy | BT

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Re: BT Cancelled my account in error... now I have no internet for nearly 3 weeks - what to do?

Thanks I will contact via that Privacy Policy link - thankyou for that. Re account info - the worst has already happended tpo me and that was without my account ID being shared of a public forum so whats the difference? Its cancelled now anyway
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Re: BT Cancelled my account in error... now I have no internet for nearly 3 weeks - what to do?

I sympathise. We have been stitched up and cut off by BT too. I have been told (by a network expert) that BT no longer want to have domestic customers and that is why they are pushing customers towards EE but in some cases EE actually cannot provide the service. 

BT and EE couldn't give a damn about the trouble and stress they are causing customers with these ridiculous errors that they are making. We have actually been blamed for the errors that have lead to our broadband being cut off yet all a customer does at the end of the phone is agree to a change of contract. We also did not at any point ask to be cut off. Several errors by BT and EE lead to them messing up the service and now expect us to take out a new contract where they won't disclose the details eg speeds

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