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Re: BT broadband activation delay

Seems this is continuing issue for many people. Being fobbed off and messed around as usual.

ive just had the engineers out today to upgrade me from standard broadband to the new fibre. All installed but getting a flashing green PON light on the ONT.

Engineers called up the help desk, told that the SASA was not correct. Said it would be 24 hours to fix.

contacted them myself as the installation was delayed twice and reassigned by BT without notifying me of any changes. Installation date changed twice.

now I’m being told that I need to reschedule an engineer appointment online, but when I do it sends me back to a blank page.

contacted helpline who gave me the 48-72 hours bull, when I know by the end of that timeframe nothing will be resolved.

It’s clear they have major issues with the regrading of internet, and that so far they are struggling to get the service up and running regardless of the locations in the country.

if I want longer than the 72 hours, I’ll just bin BT for breach of contract. 

The service is absolutely shocking in terms of getting things resolved. 

what you have described is a carbon copy of a process to what I’ve experienced. Quite clearly they know exactly what they are doing to customers. And they are allowed to get away with it.

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Re: BT broadband activation delay

I have moved your post to this new thread, so you can get personal help from the community or moderators, so please watch this thread for updates.

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Re: BT broadband activation delay

If the ONT is fitted ( PON light flashing ) , and the commissioning failed for the reason quoted , then any resolution really doesn’t need your attendance, so no need for a reappointment…there are  two potential solutions , 1 , the data is changed so your ‘records’ are changed to reflect the SASA you are physically connected to , or 2 , a ‘network’ Openreach tech corrects the physical error in the network , basically moves the CBT connection from the SASA it’s connected to , to the SASA the records show it should be connected to.
It’s nonsense to imply this is somehow a ‘national’ problem , its probably a splitter node containing more than one SASA , someone in error ( for example ) spliced your CBT ‘tail’ to splitter 1 instead of splitter 2 , the decision is to either correct the physical error , or adjust the data to take into account the physical error .


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