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Re: Billing Error

I am in the same boat with BT, incorrect billing, being told to ring BT to sort and through the ppl in india, whom are no help at all.


ive been fed so many different stories by BT that issues being sorted and then they actually havent. every step of my order has been an issue and a struggle


i finally have services connected and now more issues with my first bill, charged x4 for delivery charges when should be one, line rebate that i have been told i was given not on my account, also, refund for tv isntallation i paid form though did not get not refunded. Rerally at end of my thether with BT, they are basically trying to rob my of my money... i have mutliple recorded incident numbers of emails from BT, promosing to fix but never happens... i understand first bill will be higher and all, but not by that much. i should be paying £36.99 a month as per what i ordered, I can already see that my monthly bband charge of £23 is incorrect.


all i need is someone with an normal IQ to look at the bill and read notes on my account. it shouldn't be hard.


the service to date has been completely shocking and disappointing

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Re: Billing Error

Hi sollos83,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post!


Sorry you're having these problems.  We can give you a hand and get you sorted out from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section you'll see the link to get in touch with us.





Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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