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Re: Dammit BT - why bother giving activation dates?

Had my activation date from BT, plus annoying follow up calls, and several texts - should have guessed something was wrong as any other efficient company would simply agree a date, no need for multiple follow ups and texts. Anyway, all confirmed for 2nd November. We moved in on the 28th October, then waited 5-days to get back on-line. The previous occupiers obviously had an active BT line and Sky broadband/TV, so should be no issues transferring. Well, you would have thought?


Tried to connect broadband late evening on the 2nd, as had been told connection may not work until after 9pm, but nothing. Next morning, still nothing and had the orange flashing light of doom on the hub, so tested phone line and this is dead as well. Received a text (a day after I was meant to be connected) advising new activation date would be another 15-days, on the 18th!!! No apology, no reason given.


Called BT. Any chance it would be done before the 18th? I work from home and as we have just moved house, I have lots of on-line contact and calls to make. No chance apparently! Lady at other end was ovbiously pre-occupied as every time I asked a question there was a long pause, perhaps hoping I would get more board than she obviously was. 


I asked her to log my complaint, which apparently was done (how do I know, and will it do any good?). I also wanted to query a charge of £49 on my account, BT - 'sorry, can't do that, but you can check when you get your bill'. Me - 'I can't check as I have paperless billing and cannot get on-line'. BT - long silence again. Anyone there? I eventually gave up, and thanked the lady (for what?). Now sitting in a Costa, more than likely supplying sufficient secure data that I will lose all my money, have my ID cloned and reported for speeding in a car I no longer have... Thanks BT.









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Re: Dammit BT - why bother giving activation dates?

Hi @Paulc270,


Welcome to the community forum and thank you for posting.


I'm sorry to hear about the delay in activating your service at your new address. If the previous occupier hadn't ceased their service before they moved out of the address, then this could have delayed your order completing with BT. As BT would have to wait for that service to be cease or moved to the previous occupiers new address. 


I'll be able to take a look at your order to make sure it is progressing correctly. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





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