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Re: Formal Complaints - Ombudsman Services

I have made a few complaints now and getting spoken to like dirt, did a home move and receives the date of getting my broadband sorted then it didn't happen even after me calling that day, 5 days later it's sorted due to a BT fault, then I get a bill of a service I never had, called about that and was told to pay it and a credit would be on my next month, now received my bill and they have charged me two line rentals and two broadband rentals, for my old place even though I did a home change and they didn't add the credit into it either. Been promised call backs and no one called, had enough of the way they treat their customers, they also did give me a new router even though I was entitled to it!!! So angry and want this sorted, think the ombudsman is the best way to go now.
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Re: Formal Complaints - Ombudsman Services

Hi Shelle7 and welcome.


I'm sorry there's double charges on the bill. Billing live chat should be able to help with that so give them a try and let me know how it goes.





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Re: Formal Complaints - Ombudsman Services

You could try this: from BT Code of Practice




 I would stop any DD or other automated payment process; telling them that I am not cancelling, merely suspending, auto payments whist BT "check everything"

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Re: Formal Complaints - Ombudsman Services

Is that really a sensible suggestion though?


I know it should be, that according to BTs own code of practice this is what you should do, but given BT's track record I'm sure it would be safer to chase a refund than to cancel a direct debit, risk them getting the whole situation back to front, and end up with BT cancelling your service because you've not made payments, thus making you unable to contact them easily, because you have no service.