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Re: Moving house and Fibre Broadband - slot coming available

Have been pointed to this thread for help / advice

First some background

Started looking for a new property late last year, as a then fibre user with a 70/20meg connection and a house full of heavy internet users, a good internet connection was high on our list of must haves - Property found and was connected to a fibre enabled box, and accepting orders - proceeded and purchased the property. Only when we came to move we found out the cabinet was now @ capacity and was reporting waiting list on the dslchecker site.

Moved in got my account moved to a ADSL connection and this morning tried to order infinity to get put on the waiting list, Only to be told there was no waiting lists, just keep checking and either a slot might come avail or they might increase capacity, but it was impossible to know if and when this might happen - very very frustrating 

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated 

thanks in advance

Phil G

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Re: Moving house and Fibre Broadband - slot coming available

I have moved you onto your own thread so that you can get answers specific to your problem and avoid confusion with the thread you posted on.

EDIT: I think you were advised about the other thread just to give you some further information to save repeating it on your own thread.

Between that and what is on your own thread

I don't think there will be much further to add to what you already have been told.

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Re: Moving house and Fibre Broadband - slot coming available

Hi there @philgr

Whilst Openreach put waiting list on the checker, there isn't effectively a "list" as such, it's basically pot luck as to when a port (that's used for the fibre connection) becomes available or when the cabinet is upgraded to more space. 

All you can really do is check DSL checker, and as soon as it says available place an order (however you have to do it) for your FTTC and hope that you get in quick enough that it goes through OK. 


Kind Regards
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