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Re: No broadband after after order placed on the 18th of December

Hi , please order on 18th december too and was supposed to get connected yesterday. Received generic email from BT at 2pm informing me that there'd been a problem and that the activation date was moved to 8th January.

When I called them to find out what the issue was I was told that they were let down by open reach engineers....

I then asked what would happen to my current service with TALK TALK and whether they could contact Talk Talk to make sure that they would not disconnect me, I was told that they could not do that. Apparently I needed to contact talk talk myself.

when I called talk talk they told me BT had to contact them. went round in circle and every time i was told a different story by BT.

Talk talk told me that I would get disconnected last night. This morning broadband was still working, although very slow. I am worried that I am now going to get cut off and have no internet access, which is an issue as I am oncall this weekend.

BT are unabled to help

their solution is WIFI hotspot - which is rubbish where I live.


all in all a very shoddy service!

I am now worried that they are not going to switch it on 8th...


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Re: No broadband after after order placed on the 18th of December

Welcome to this user forum.


You cannot have two services running. For BT to provide BT Infinity, your existing service would need to be ceased by TalkTalk.

Then an Openreach Field Technician would have to visit the cabinet to connect your line via the fibre cabinet.


A loss of service is unavoidable where you are moving from an LLU provider like TalkTalk, to one which uses the BT Wholesale network, like BT Retail, and other providers.


I expect that Openreach have been short staffed over the holiday period, so there is a backlog of jobs, and faults. Faults always take priority over provision work.


Has your phone line been moved to BT Retail yet? If you dial 150, do you get TalkTalk, or BT?




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