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Re: No gift card

My sisters experience here with BTs rip off with the £100 gift voucher - swapped broadband & TV provider to BT on the lure of the gift card, tried ordering the BT product online but BTs web page crashed and got locked out so had to ring BT, lady very helpful put order through AND ASSURED HER, SEEING AS SHE ASKED, that there would be no problem and she would get the voucher.

One month on, several calls to BT (which ended up costing her £40 + quid on the BT 033 line) they say she is not entitled to it as didnt order online even though my email states "thanks for ordering your broadband with

BT initial offer was to give her BT sport for free for a year (shes not into sport) ... followed by a call back offering £4 on account ....not exactly the £100 she signed over for. Disgusting, .. needless to say she will not be renewing because of this next time..shameful B T .con is more apt.
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