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Re: Ordering BT Home Essentials package

a little over 5 weeks ago I agreed to move my broadband account over to BT. The sales man who knocked on my door told me that because I was elderly and on government benefits he could get me a deal for £15.99. He wrote it all down on a piece of paper and told me BT would arrange my then current Vodafone account on the same day that my BT account became live.  A few days ticked by and I got my broadband up and running fine. then a few days after that i got my precontract agreement in the post only the price was £34.99. over twice the price that the salesman had told me. 


This was all caused by the fact that DLA (Disability Allowance) and PIP (Personal independance Payment) are not means tested and BT only accept means tested benefits for Essential Broadband. Now I am house bound so I need my broadband it is essential to me and BT, EE , Plusnet.......... etc is the only conglomerate that have removed DLA and PIP from their list of acceptable benefits.


I bet the sales man still got his bonus for selling me the deal ??? I've made a complaint to which I was told I may/may not get a reply. 

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Re: Ordering BT Home Essentials package

Do you qualify for essential?

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