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Re: Refer a friend to BT Broadband and get £50 each


I referred a friend and their landline and broadband when live at the beginning of March.  They have since paid 2 bills and still neither of us have received our £50 Amazon vouchers.  I've tried chasing this up 2 weeks ago, it was logged and was told someone would contact me within 10 days.  I've still not heard anything.  She is out of our cancellation period and everything is set up.  So not sure why they haven't been sent.  I had an email on 14th March to say the voucher would be sent within 30 days.

Neither of us can get a response and I was really hoping to use the voucher towards a birthday present but who know when it will ever arrive.

Hopefully someone can help as it appears there are a lot of customers in the same situation. 



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