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Re: What do I have to do to get BT to send me my Smart Hub?

I ordered BT TV, Landlineand broadband about 6 weeks ago moving from Sky. My TV box arrived last week and my go live date was 19th December. I checked my tracking status for my smart hub on 19th to see that it was awaiting dispatch. I phoned BT to be avised that the order had not registered and my hub would be sent the following day, today 20th. I registered a complaint, my wifi was now disconnected.

Having not received an e-mail today I telephoned again and spoke to a chap from Dundee to be told that the hub was definitley on its way and would be with me today. I then received an email about 11:30 saying that my kit had been sent, however, when I checked the tacking status it again said "awaiting dispatch". I telephoned again and spoke to someone in Accrington to be told that the order had not been placed and that it would now be re-ordered and arrive tomorrow. This guy apologised an said he would ensure that the order was placed personally and that he would track it. 15 minutes later I received a call from an indian lady saying that she was from the complaints department and that she was taking the incident on and that SHE was personally oredering the hub.

I have guests staying fronm abroad and the teenagers are frantic without wifi. I explained that in the circumstances I expected a hub to be sent by courier and she asked me to hold for 2 minutes. She never came back to the phone!!


Why oh why did I leave SKY?

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Re: What do I have to do to get BT to send me my Smart Hub?

Welcome to this user forum.

I have moved your post to this new thread, so you can get personal help from the community or moderators, so please watch this thread for updates.

What sort of broadband connection did you order, as there is a different home hub if you have a direct optical fibre connection into an Openreach optical unit?

If it a normal VDSL order, and the home hub is not going to arrive in time, you can get a suitable router locally to avoid any trouble.

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Re: What do I have to do to get BT to send me my Smart Hub?



I'm not sure what hub it is just a smart hub for Superfast Fibre, to top it off I have just been in contact with BT again to ask why the previous operator failed to return my call only to find that she hadn;t made an order after all and that the reason for the first 2 hubs not arriving was that they were out of stock!!!


British Telecom cannot supply a wifi router because they are out of stock!!! 


Despite all the lies and deceit or basic ineptitude, you really couldn't make it up. 


Apparently it is coming tomorrow but I won't hold my breath.

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Re: What do I have to do to get BT to send me my Smart Hub?

I had to wait a while for my BT broadband to be activated but it was well worth it. I have it two years now with no mishaps at all