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Re-joining BT HELP

I used to a BT customer at my previous address and my current address,my Plusnet contract had come to an end and l reciveved a mailer from asking me to rejoin,checked online found the best BT deal and compeleted the joining process and and received an activation date.

About an hour later l reevived a text from BT asking me to call,which l did spoke to someone saying you couldn't find my address,and could l send my passort and tenancy agreement,l told him my address was one the drop the menu of the BT site and besides l was a previous BT customer at the current address for about 18 months.

He went away for a few minutes, and said he still needs my passort and tenancy agreement to disassociate me from my prevous account.

Would someone help get to the bottom of this or is their someone in the UK that l can talk with to sort it out.

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