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Re: problematic broadband move - can anybody suggest something better?



I had the same problem, couldn't get hold of them.  Kept getting passed onto a department I don't think exists, wasted hours on hold.  They had already taken £47 off me when I ordered.  After over a week of getting nowhere and getting very frustrated with it I gave up and switched to Sky.  They now want £96 for early termination, of what I wonder I never had internet or tv.


I have resorted to writing to head office detailing everything but not heard anything back.


I would recommend you do not tell them on live chat that you are printing the conversations, I made that mistake thinking it would help and she said I would definitely get through this time but must disconnect the chat.  Foolishly I did that the phone rang twice and they hung up on me.  I felt so cross with myself as I had no way of getting that conversation back.


Avoid BT if you want any sort of service from your providers.

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Re: problematic broadband move - can anybody suggest something better?

Hi Ken57, 


I unstand how you feel. I have been very patient for a little while until I realised they really don't care. They have a process set up but nothing gets done. It seems it has got to the stage where they just do thing throught the motion without any real customer care. They don't seem to understand that to many people without broadband for a month is really impossible. I live in a city not far out in the country. Surely they should at least try a little. 


Very disappointed indeed!

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