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Really Slow Fibre Install - NO INTERNET


I have been without internet for quite a while now and it's proving to be troublesome. 

I always use BT for my internet/entertainment.  During my latest move, this time around I was forced to use FTTP which I put the order in on 8th July and we are now at the 25th of Aug and I don't even think an OR engineer has attended for a survey or any kind of check of the property.

After weeks of chasing with no real solid updates, the person who has dealt with my complaint informs me that there are "duct works" required and that OR need planning permission to install it. No further information has been given other than this, this has been escalated to a level 2 complaint and apparently a senior engineer is due to attend my property to establish what kind of works are required.

Have there been any circumstances where BT have offered DSL temporarily if the fibre install is proving to be slow? every time I call them I seem to get a different answer on this. It's made it so I can't work from home. Their mini 4G hub is no good for me as it doesn't really have a strong signal.

Any one else having nightmares with OR recently?

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Re: Really Slow Fibre Install - NO INTERNET


Welcome to this user forum.

Use the address checker on the page below, and post the results, but edit out your address details first.

That will show what is available at your address.

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Re: Really Slow Fibre Install - NO INTERNET

Thanks Keith! I have gotten more info from you than my complaints manager dealing with my ticket:

Our records show the following FTTP network service information for these premises: Single Dwelling Unit Residential UG congested duct

Looks like ADSL is available too. Do OR ever offer this as a workaround if FTTP is taking too long to install?

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Re: Really Slow Fibre Install - NO INTERNET

If there is a "copper stop sell" on the exchange, then Openreach will not provide ADSL. In your case, its possible there is no actual copper connection to the property.  Its not even possible for providers to place an order for ADSL, hence the reason you have been offered the 4G hub.

You may be able to find somewhere in the property which has a better signal.

Until the duct issue is sorted by Openreach, there is not much you can do.

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