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Recent upgrade - bill higher than expected

Hi. My contract recently ended so I phoned up BT for a new package. On the phone we agreed I would pay £35.99 per month for broadband, plus £15 for BT sport, totalling £50.99 per month. I do not use the landline, so we changed it to a pay as you go structure.

I recently received my bill which was for £72.66, c.£21 higher than I was expecting. On looking at the detail of my bill, I have been charged:

- An extra £16.50 for broadband - is this line rental, and cannot be £Nil even though I do not use the phone (as the only people who call the landline are BT or scammers)?

- £5.99 for Netflix, which I already pay for separately. We discussed over the phone that this should not be included but it has anyway.

I appreciate my query is not urgent given the Covid-19 situation, so I do not want to call BT if possible and take up time which could be better spent on a vulnerable person. Is there any other way I can query these extra charges and get this sorted without calling up?

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