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Recontracting to Fibre 2 with landlline

I've been a BT customer for a good while, originally on the BT Infinity 2 package with HH3, this was "upgraded"  in name only a few years back on BT's end to reclassify the package as BT Fibre w/Halo 1, but I never received any new equipment and for all intents and purposes, everything is as it was on the day I took out the package originally (this has always been a landline+broadband package). Essentially I've been out of contract with them for many years.

I recently (today) decided to recontract into a new deal via BT's website as the price I'm paying has crept up and up over the years to the level where I was vastly overpaying and so I went through the Upgrade Broadband section of their website and selected their "Fibre 2" option (with landline) . This led me onto a page explaining Digital Voice and how I would be moved onto it automatically (no choice for me) on the installation date. I then was able to select a new free phone to use with the service and place my order from there, where I selected to go with the Pay as you Go option for my landline.

So after placing the order and checking through the order status page a few hours later, at the top of the order status I see: "You placed your order for Broadband  & Landline". This is, and looks, correct to me.

Further down the order status page, I can see the Smart Hub 2 is awaiting dispatch, all good so far, but there is no mention of the promised free phone.  Then a little further down at the bottom of the order status page I see the following:
Mon 27 Feb 2023
Stop service for Landline
Stop of landline phone service triggered by move to Broadband Only

Is this merely a technicality of the order status page as a result of signing up to Fibre 2 w/Digital voice through the website, or does this look to be a discrepancy with the order on BT's end. I 100% definitely chose that I wanted to keep my number and was offered the free phone when placing the order, so the order status page is a little bit confusing by both simultaneously referring to my order as "Broadband & Landline " and then later indicating it as Broadband Only further down the page with an ominous plan to cease landline phone service on the installation date.

Is this something I need to get in contact with BT about as I wish to retain my current landline number + home phone functionality, even if I'm forced to do it through their Digital Voice setup.


And finally, digging into my Order Status page, there's the following bit here:

Status: Stop

Your new phone number
My Number Here | Listed in Phone Book

Your phone service will be stopped on
27 Feb 2023


Now, I am assuming/hoping that all this reference to landline service stopping on the installation date is referring to the old copper wire system, and that I should just be able to plug my phone into the Smart Hub 2 and go from there, but the order status page is confusing to say the least.

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Re: Recontracting to Fibre 2 with landlline

Try phoning the options team on 0800800030 and see if they can help clarify about your landline and DV.  IF diverted to CS then hang up and try again later 

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