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Remote Activation Failed/Order Cancelled/Routing Issue

I moved into a new build property mid-December and there was a BT modem already installed. I was advised by my landlord I simply needed to ring BT and they would arrange to activate the landline and fibre connection.

I made several attempts initially and was advised that there was no fibre availability in my area yet, the cables had not been laid yet and that there was no confirmation of when this would be available. That was extent of the communication.

Then second week of January I finally got through to someone who advised it was available and it could be set up. The remote activation was scheduled for 16th January. This failed. I had to contact BT myself who advised they needed to send out an engineer to fix what was wrong and then it could be tried again. It was insisted that this would be resolved with an engineer visit by the advisor. Engineer came out 25th January and did nothing at all, was on the phone 40 minutes trying to get through to BT and nothing. He told us it was because they had cancelled the order. What he told them was that it was to do with the outside BT box not our modem.

Cue lengthy delays and getting nowhere, being promised resolution and being let down. Arranged an engineer from Openreach who advised that we had been routed/spliced to the wrong box and that's why could not connect us. He said someone will need to come re-route it correctly and then can re-order and it'll be ok. That was 3 weeks ago, I have phoned at least 6 times since then to be told everytime there is no update from Openreach, it's been escalated, it has a case manager, you will be called back on this date, to hear absolutely nothing and then be told the same again every single phonecall.

My question is, how long realistically will it take for someone to be sent to re-route the box or why do I keep being told it's being sorted if no one has any ideas? I am getting very frustrated and it has been a good long while and I don't think it's unreasonable to want to know an end date for all this? I have a complaint in already (not being dealt with as won't until 'my order is up and running') and I cannot go with any else since it'll be the same thing since it's routed wrong!!

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Re: Remote Activation Failed/Order Cancelled/Routing Issue

Welcome to this user forum.

Is this an FTTP order or an FTTC order, as you mentioned about equipment already in situ?

Technical Glossary - Look here for an explanation of broadband terms.

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