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Renewing Contract/Online Offer


Been with BT for about 10 years

current contract expired Jan 20 (ish)

Been paying £80pm (approx).  (Fibre1, Anytime Calls, BT Sport, Kids, HD)

Looking to renew now to get monthly cost down, get better router and TV Box (Currently HH5 and Youview DTR-T2100 G4)


18th Dec

Saturday afternoon call BT to discuss contract and agreed to lose BT Sport, Kids Channel,Anytime Calls)

(Order is Regrade of broadband, phone and BT TV with cease of BT Sport)



500mins calls

Basic TV

£58 pm



After call above ^^^

I find this deal online

Entertainment + Fibre 2
  • Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Discovery, Comedy Central and more with the NOW TV Entertainment Pass (RRP £9.99 per month)
  • Over 300 Box Sets on demand from NOW TV
  • Freeview, AMC and a recordable TV box with 300 hours of storage space
  • Browse, stream and download on a few devices at once with fibre broadband
£120 BT Reward Card What's this?
£43.99Δ a month

Includes BT line rental (Pay as go - 20per min to any land and mobile - not fussed as use another line for calls)

24 month contract, then £51.99 a month

£29 .99 upfront What's this?
Add and continue
Sunday 19th Dec
Call BT ( 0800 783 1401 - retentions dept) in morning to say I've changed my mind and want to cancel original agreement and change to the one I found online above ^^^
BT say "Got a problem with our system, will you back"  - Waited until 2pm - no call
Call BT ( 0800 783 1401 - retentions dept) 2pm
"Certainly Sir, we can help you with that.......actually we cant because the original order has not completed...Call back when it does"
Monday 20th December 2pm 
Checked Order online - now completed, received BT hardware through Royal Mail
Call BT ( 0800 783 1401 - retentions dept). 3pm
I explain what Im trying to do, what the current situation is etc...
BT say "Certainly Sir, we can help you with that......I can see that order has now completed"
BT "I will now fill out a Revert Form for you"
Me "How long does that take and how will I be notified..."
BT " 5 working days sir, you should get an email to say its been completed"
Me " So everything will be put back to how it was before Saturday 18th when I agreed to the original changes/renewal"
BT " That is correct "
I asked for a VOL number and received one, however - and this is my concern and reason for posting on here:
 - I can't track the VOL number online - I keep getting (Your session has timed out. Please refresh the page and then log back in again)
 - Ive been fobbed off twice when I tried to get the order changed
 - I doubt that any sort of revert form as been filled out
My questions are:
What are my best chances of finding out whether BT have carried this 'Revert form'
Has anyone been through a similar process?


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Re: Renewing Contract/Online Offer

Have you checked MYBT and then orders to see if there are any orders or cancelled orders?

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Re: Renewing Contract/Online Offer

Hi Jez222, welcome to the community.

The reason you cannot search the vol number is because its not a typical order and is more of an internal admin process called a DSR revert which takes 5 working days maximum to revert you back to your original plan.

Once this is done, you can contact BT on 0800800030 and armed with what deal you have seen BT will no doubt ensure you get the best deal for your needs.

Please note the package names you have posted are very different but the customer options team will have in depth knowledge about your usage to ensure you get the right package but you can always ask to see if you can be put on Fibre 2 with entertainment as that deal seems to be the one you are keen to get.

I hope this clears things up for you! Best thing to do is wait for the 5 working days to pass from the date you raised the DSR revert then contact BT again to get the deal you have seen applied.

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Re: Renewing Contract/Online Offer

Much appreciated J5, thanks for replying.
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Re: Renewing Contract/Online Offer

You can ask BT if they can match the new customer price and package, you won't qualify for the reward card though.
They are for customers taking the service for the first time ordering online, as an existing customer you're not joining BT

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Re: Renewing Contract/Online Offer

1st Jan - Update


 Just spoke to BT for an update on the 'DSR Revert' , its been 10days since the request on the 20th Dec -  its still not been completed due to a 'backlog'...

"I've been asked to call back Next Thursday"

I can see this dragging on and on now 😞

Any advice? I feel like I've been fobbed off again...


(*Note* - Original Post ^^^ Date Typo's - Friday 18th Dec, Saturday 19th Dec, Sunday 20th Dec)


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Re: Renewing Contract/Online Offer


Any advice? I feel like I've been fobbed off again...

You agreed a deal, then changed your mind because you want another deal, reverts are done manually and take time, not much you can do apart from wait.
There's still no guarantee BT will be able to offer you what you want and you'd lose your Halo benefits, maybe instead of a revert, you ask if they can do a new promotion, it's an option.

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Re: Renewing Contract/Online Offer

I agreed to the deal as I was originally informed I was getting a good deal and it appeared so, I changed my mind (I am entitled to do so ) because I clearly wasn't - I've been a loyal long term customer so feel aggrieved.
Halo is a bit of a Sales gimmick imo

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Re: Renewing Contract/Online Offer

BT don't make things simple and transparent do they?
I thought Customer Service, was about helpful frendly information quickly obtained.
I'm not with BT and am just looking at issues on this Forum.
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