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Returning BT Equipment (S/N Mismatch)

Hi there, 


I have been sent around 6 different smart hubs & BT TV boxes since beginning my contract with BT around 5 years ago due to various faults that BT could not resolve - most are unopened and am sending back all hardware that has been sent. 

There are a couple of items that BT have sent me that do not match any of the S/Ns that i have, I recall a BT engineer taking one or 2 items back with him that were not working therefore i no longer have these. 

Is it likely i am going to be charged for these? I am guessing it will still show i have not returned all of my equipment since they will check via the S/Ns but just want to be prepared. I am unsure which of the items they sent were pre Dec 2019 and which were after. I know they sent 3x TV boxes in 1 month when i had a fault which was not what i'd asked for. 


Many thanks for any assistance! 



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