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Reward Card - Have I 'claimed' or not?



I switched over to a BT TV and broadband package (order placed 1 May) and my services are all now up and running.  No problems, all very smooth.


After a couple of failed attempts to 'claim' my reward (perhaps because I needed to leave it a couple of days after 'switch on') I successfully entered my BT id etc and received an instant email AND text to say I had claimed my reward and it would be posted shortly.  That was on 22 May.


I completely accept that it hasn't quite been 30 days yet but I have an uneasy feeling that it isn't going to be here when the 30 days are up.


To double check I thought I'd visit the claim section of the BT website again and entered my details.  At that point, it said ....."your broadband product is eligible for an award".  It also said "your order is still in progress.  Once it is complete you can claim your reward".  You can see the mixed message here hopefully?


Is there a moderator/checker on here who can pick this up and put my mind at rest that the Bt Reward card is on the way in the next few days please? 

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Re: Reward Card - Have I 'claimed' or not?

Hi @DarrenL1 Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting.


It would be best to chase the Reward Card team directly by completing this form and they will be able to confirm the status of your claim. 




Community ModeratorJohnC
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Re: Reward Card - Have I 'claimed' or not?

Thanks John. Done that. Received the following.....

We have checked your BT Reward card claim and can confirm that you’re eligible to receive one.

I have therefore arranged for a £100 master card to be sent to your installation address to arrive within the next 30-45 working days.

So, having claimed successfully and waited around 22 days already, it now seems I have to wait between a further 6 and 9 weeks because I filled a form in checking on the status of my claim (note the 'working days' comment in the reply I've received). Why are BT making this whole claiming process so tortuous and unreliable? What a joke. Do they just hope we're all fools and we'll just give up and avoid the hassle?
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