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Reward Cards

Anyone else having trouble with the reward cards? I placed an order for a sim and phone with a reward card in January. The reward card was the reason I chose to switch to BT rather than stay with O2 as it made the BT contract slightly cheaper (once the reward card was factored in).  

I had the phone, used the phone, the 30 day cooling off period came and went and I forgot all about the reward card.  There was no information in the original order confirmation, no information in the letter that came with the phone and sim, and no information at any time since I placed the order about the reward.  I never received it.

 I then ordered another sim for a family member this week. Again O2 matched the BT deal and the reward card was the only reason to change supplier to BT.  At this point I realised I hadn’t had my reward from January so I asked about the reward cards only to be told my January reward had expired as I hadn’t claimed it. I pointed out that I didn’t know it needed to be claimed, I assumed it was automatic because at no point have I been told it needed to be claimed or given any information on how to claim.  I was told that it had expired and that was that.

Tonight I have been promised my January reward and know to claim the new reward from 10th July.  I still don’t know how to claim the new reward card - BT are still keeping this a closely guarded secret.

Lets see if I get them! This has got to be a case of misleading buyers, surely?  You can’t promise a reward to get the order and then withhold information on how to claim it!

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Re: Reward Cards

Hi @Alexscanlon 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your posts!

I'm sorry that you haven't received the reward card.  I understand from what you've said that this was back in January.  You do need to claim for reward card and I am sorry if this was not explained to you.

There is a certain timescale where you need to claim to receive the reward card.  I can't promise anything at the moment but it will do no harm getting this checked out.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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