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Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

I have just moved in with my girlfriend and before we moved in we both had contracts with BT.

My contract was pretty new and I pay a lot as I have BT Infinity plus. My girlfriend had a lower package but was also tied in for about 6 months.


I phoned and transfered my package to her phone line and everything was fine.


BT have now taken £196 out of my girlfriends account for cancelling her contract early.


I am disguisted by this. We have done everything right and BT seem to be happy to take us to there word of contract.


We have stayed with BT, we have kept the larger paying package, yet they are charging us. I just got a blunt NO to aksing for a refund.


I think this is ridiculous, where is the personal service where you look after your customers?


Also, my girlfriend never actually cancelled her package, they just took over her line without speaking to her, surely there must be a loophole here that I can exploit?


thanks for any help anyone can give me


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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

Welcome to this forum.
This is a customer to customer forum only,


This is where customers help each other get the most out of BT products & services.

Anything you post here does not go to BT. Although the forum is moderated by BT, not all posts are read.


If you need direct help from BT or have an urgent problem please use this linkContact Us.


This is a public forum which can be viewed worldwide, so please do not post any personal information, especially phone numbers, account numbers, fault numbers, address information or email addresses, as this could be used to impersonate you.


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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

There is, IMHO, no issue here.

There were two contracts, each within their minimum contract period.

You want only one contract, so one has to be cancelled and the contracted penalty fees paid.

In fact, BT have cancelled the contract with the smaller penalty fee, which benefits you and your girlfriend.
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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service



I just joined BT, after being away for about 10 years..


I came on here to seek advice and maybe help others, if I can. Mainly because it took me at least 7 hours, all told, to sort out the mess I got myself into, rejoining BT..


But here I am, in my first post, being annoyed by the lack of help and advice. A bit like BT's customer service..


My advice - Stick with calling them and asking for a *proper* manager. Then state that your partners phone was taken over, without her permission. They were in breach of their own terms and conditions. As far as I can see, they couldn't legally 'fine' her for closing down her account, prematurely...

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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

ernie_c's comment is totally correct two separate contracts one cancelled and the other transferred to the other line cancellation charges therefore apply
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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

The advice you have been given is correct re cancellation of a contract with BT. However if your girlfriends package was cancelled without her permission or agreement it would appear that BT were wrong to do that and that you committed fraud by advising BT that you were either allowed to do that or informing BT that she agreed to it.


If that is the case that your girlfriend took no part in this, BT would/should reinstate her contract and reimburse her money. They then should/could cancel your contract and bill you for the cancellation and inform the Police about the fraudulent manner in which you took over her package.


Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to just suck it up and accept that if you are in a contract, regardless with which company, if you want out of the contract you will need to pay cancellation fees. That is after all what a contract is about. Protecting the finacial interest of both parties.

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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

I'm not sure how fraud can be assumed here.....


Even if he did say he had his girlfriend's permission. The FIRST thing a BT advisor should do, in any situation regarding a change in any customer's account, would to seek the actual account holder's authorisation.


Full stop.


That is nothing to do with fraud, more like ineptitude on the advisor's part.


You know what they say about people who assume.....

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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

I have not assumed anything. 


Either the OP lied to the CS or the girlfriend assisted because the CS did not do this off their own bat. Both account details had to be supplied by somebody. Without more details it is hard to say who did what but I suspect that both the OP and the girlfriend knew exactly what was taking place and were happy for it to happen until they got hit with the fee.

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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

Ok think people might have the wrong end of the stick.
Firstly I said I was moving in to my girlfriends address. Bt told me they would take over her line. No one gave them permission to do this. They did not speak to her at all. No one made up any lies or gave bt any contract information apart from the address.
Secondly and to the point. If 2 people move in together, they are a customer of a company and they would like to continue that with the biggest contract bt offer then you would think that bt would be real people and would be happy with what we did and would waive the charges.
Nearly every comment has been about the legal answer. That's the problem now a days. Where is the customer service, the goodwill and recognising a good customer.
I am a customer service manager and I know how much it costs to gain a new (conquest) customer. Believe me, waiving a few hundred pounds to keep an existing customer is cheaper than advertising for a new one.
But like most big corporate customers this is forgotten and all the business focus on is new business but they all have **bleep** customer retention.
Bt will lose me as a customer once my contract is out and they will then spend £££'a trying to win me back where as a bit of thought could just stop me leaving in the first place, guaranteeing my business and payment for years to come.
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Re: Ridiculous contract rules - no personal service

There's something in what you say but the bottom line is that business is business and rules is rules. Sympathy and business don't mix too well, especially when a company knows that customers leaving in a huff will by and large be balanced by others entering in a huff with one of their rivals.

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