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I've been sick to the back teeth if these idiots since virtually the first month! Started by messing up my direct debit every single month which I called about numerous times for nothing to happen. as the money's taken from a bills account I was incurring charges and so after six successful direct debits I had to cancel it and refer to manual payment! All well and good if you can remember to do it! But forgot twice. Which in my opinion isn't my fault as these idiots can't set up a direct debit properly.. Then I check my credit file to see they've put up a missed payment on my file (I paid late) which I spent the best part of 2 months trying to get removed! As this is in my opinion BT's fault! Guess what? It's still there! .. Now some 11 months ish down the line things are a struggle for us at the moment so we have been ringing round and either cancelling or downgrading anything we have.. We get to BT and the best they could come up with was "you have 7 months left to run you can cancel for £150 or not pay the bill" not even a downgrade option the fact is we can't afford it simple as that due to unforeseen circumstances .. And to get told basically don't pay the bill is an outrage! .. All that will then happen is il get a default a possible ccj and still end up eventually having to pay anyway! I'm disgusted with the service and would advise anybody to go elsewhere I wish I'd never left sky at least they are helpful! And they have downgraded my package no questions asked! As have every other company we have rang thanks very much for all your help BT pfffft.
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