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Right to Exit

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I have been trying to get a fault fixed since the 2nd December and have been told it should be fixed by the 25th Jan - fingers crossed.  I noticed that the online fault tracker has the words "Right to Exit from15 Jan 2021" against it.  Does this mean that can cancel my contract now?

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Re: Right to Exit

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The Right to Exit is part of the Stay Fast Guarantee, more info at What is BT's Stay Fast Guarantee? 

Which currently states :

How does the guarantee work?

We'll give you your very own Stay Fast Guarantee, based on your broadband speeds, when you join or re-contract with us.

If we find a problem, we'll reset your Hub remotely and you won't have to do a thing. If there's a bigger issue, we'll work out the best solution and get in touch.

You can check your broadband speeds using our speed tester. If they're not what they should be, we'll run checks to fix the problem and send out an engineer if needed.

If your speeds aren't back to normal after 30 days, we'll give you £20 back. You can also choose to exit your contract without paying a charge for cancelling it early.