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Routine overcharging by BT

I have just spent a fruitless hour engaging with the BT phone helpline to establish the rates used in my anytime plan.


The plan is an old one and as I have surmised is discounted, although no-one in India could confirm this.


Through this forum I found the 134 page BT price list, this I should have done first, but this website is so busy being in your face to try and sell you stuff that it is is a shame it is not as in your face when trying unpick the charges and rates hidden within your bill.


So I have established my MONTHLY costs in the Land line rental as a separate figure (it is not presented as such on any bil I have received) in the sum of £18.99.


My discounted anytime plan therefore, by deduction, appears to be £7.25.  I have three call features and appear to cost me £8.5 per month.  Leaving only mobile calls.


According to the weighty price list they are charged at a setup fee of 19pence per call and 7.5 pence per minute.  Probably hidden deep in the 134 pages is a clause that says anything below a minute attracts this full 7.5 charge.


which would go some way to explain the 27p charge for a 2 second call, however using the above that should have been 26.5p.  Further down the list a 4 second calll attracts a 34p charge, which is 7p. 


Why is the BT bill rated in prices to 3 decimals but billed at 2 decimals? 


How much does BT make in rounding errors? 


I hesitate to say these bills do not comply with the 134 page simple price list, I have as yet not managed to stay awake long enough to complete reading it.  No doubt someone in BT will clause x sub section xxx line xxx page 123 and say I am wrong and that BT have all our interests at heart.


I feel like I am being routinely overcharged for my mobile calls due to rounding on the bill.  For me it all looks fishy


Price lists that could kill if dropped and certainly cure insomnia, call centres that have trouble with english and have difficulty in explaining the "pences" in the price and your bill, and english call centres that have difficulty in talking around your bill and explaining in Andy Pandy language what it all means, expecially if you change plan.


Phrases like "you get 50% discounted mobile calls if you swap plan"  mean nothing, they have no bearing on what you may of may not get charged, they don't even have the ability to take your last bill and model what the costs may be.


So I've had my rant, I still feel overcharged on rounding for mobiles.  Comments please.

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Re: Routine overcharging by BT

The bits on call charge rounding starts on page 26, and ends at the top of page 28.  So it takes just over 2 pages to explain how they round calls.


But, in general, calls are rounded up to the nearest minute (except when they are not) and rounded up to the nearest penny.

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