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SKY Sports cancellation

BT offer SKY Sports Main event as a TV add-on with minimum 1 month contract

I have recently cancelled SP but althought BT require 30 days notice, the channel was cut off immediately I gave that notice.

This is actualy the second time I've experienced this and the same happened on both occaisions.

It actually seems impossible to arrange a 1 month contract as advertised because, in order to comply with the 30 days notice condition,  you would have to give notice on the day you start the channel and when you give notice, you will immediately be cut off !

I really dont think that is fair or ethical but it appears to be BT policy.


Has anyone else experienced this ?

Has anyone managed to keep the channel on until the end of the notice period?

Has anyone managed to take a 1 month contract without being billed for 2 months?

I hate to use the word "Con" but it feels like it !


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