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Shocking Customer Service, catalogue of errors & outright lies

I contacted BT via my account on the website on 21/07/2014 to inform them of my house move, which would take place on 26/07/2014.


I received a confirmation email that my phone service would start on 25/07/2014, with my existing phone number which I wanted to take with me. The same email said my broadband service would start on 30/07/2014 & that an engineer would attend on this day, also that my upgraded broadband kit would arrive on 28/07/2014. I also received a text confirming this.


Due to the fickleness of house purchasing, completion etc we actually started the house move on 22/07/2014, being fully moved by 26/07/2014.


I then received a phone call on Monday 28/07/2014 from an advisor who told me that I had cancelled my order. First lie. The advisor then stated that I had gone with a different provider. Second lie. When I stated that none of this was true he said that he would have to restart my order and that I would not get any phone line service until Friday 1st August at the very earliest and then it would be at least 10 days after that before I would get my broadband service. The advisor was not interested when I stated that I wanted BT to stick by their side of the bargain and provide me with the services they said they would on the dates they said they would, despite this already being 3 days after my phone service should have started. Several phone calls went back and fore with no resolution.


I then phoned back on Wednesday 30th July and spoke to a different advisor who apologised and said that she would place my order (again) and my phone line would be activated on Friday 1st August and they would fast track my broadband order. She also said that BT couldn't take over the line until the date the previous owner said she was moving out, this date, according to BT, was Thursday 31st July. Now when the previous house owner moved out she left behind her router and a working telephone all connected. She left the house on Tuesday 22nd July, so effectively leaving us with the means to call premium rate numbers under her account for 9 days. Now that is trust! I was also told on this occasion that an Engineer's visit was not required for my Broadband to go live.


I then received a phone call on the morning of Friday 1st August and was told that my phone service would go live on Monday 4th August. I tried arguing this point and asking for it to be activated that day. I was then told that the previous owner of my house was with a different provider and BT had not been able to take over the line until Friday 1st August. I knew she had BT Infinity in the house but had no idea what provider she was with so accepted this at face value. I was then told that BT needed 24 'working' hours from getting the phone line back to be able to activate my phone line and it couldn't be done before Monday 4th August, no amount of arguing could get this shifted so I gave up again.


On Friday 1st August I received emails from BT confirming my order (again), detailing a totally different phone number to the one I have had for the past 2 and a half years and not the one I wanted to take with me. Also that my broadband would not go live until the 14th August.


On Saturday 2nd August I spoke to the previous owner of the house, who tells me that her provider was definitely BT. So lie number 3 from BT.


On Monday 4th August the line did go live, with the wrong number, so no actual point in having the phone as no-one can contact me anyway and I'm certainly not giving everyone my 'new' number, just to have to do it all over again when (if I ever) I get my old one back.


When I got home from work I rang BT to query the number and to find out about my broadband. I was told I had to stick with that number until after my broadband was activated (really??), and that my broadband could not be activated until they had an Engineer appointment (I thought I didn't need an Engineer??). They would call me again on the 6th August to arrange the Engineer appointment. I asked for clarification that my order was being fast-tracked and that the Engineer would be arriving on the 7th August, this was confirmed.


So that is where I am at. I am definitely not holding my breath that I will see an Engineer on the 7th as I don't believe a single word that BT utter, nor do I believe that I will get my old phone number back.


I used to be a champion for BT, when my parents, other family and friends are busy slagging off BTs customer service I always say I have never had any problems and am more than satisfied with the service I have received. Never again!! I won't hesitate to tell everyone I know not to touch you with a barge pole.


I also work in IT so I know how long it can take to activate services etc, if this is the best you can do in this day and age of technology then hopefully you'll soon be left far far behind as other companies deliver what you can never hope to achieve.



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Re: Shocking Customer Service, catalogue of errors & outright lies

Hi Maria261,


Welcome to the community forum. I can take a look at the details of your complaint. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: Shocking Customer Service, catalogue of errors & outright lies



Thank you for the welcome. I have sent you my details as requested via the "Contact The Mods" link.





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