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Re: Should I upgrade to Halo 1 or 2?

i have always phoned them, no issues with doing that, always helpful on the phone. normally its less than 5 mins before covid, last time i phoned was 20mins, which is to be expected. yes online they only offer certain packages, on the phone they have more options to offer

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Re: Should I upgrade to Halo 1 or 2?

It's horses for courses. I admit I often wonder if I "need" it. I have moved house in the past year and the mini hub is brilliant in terms of keeping you online until your house move is completed and my fibre was back up. Also I have 3 phones on BT family sim, 12 gig contracts doubled to 24 is very good value, so yes, my broadband bill is a bit pricey but my mobile deals are pretty much one of the cheapest around. In the house move, or in any fibre outages, all my family sims go onto unlimited data also so no need to worry about the wifi connection to the mini hub in various rooms. Each phone is a wireless hotspot if you need it. I guess I'm lucky in that I can get 20Mb/s + from EE signal here.

Is it worth it? Just about, yes, if I take the cost of 24 gig mobile contracts into my calculations, BT Halo is a worthwhile proposition. My Full Fibre 100 costs £11.00pm more with Halo 1 than if I just had it without Halo, but 36 GB per month extra mobile data, UK call centres and the mini hub make it worth the extra £11pm for me. Halo 2 isn't worth the extra for me. I'm very IT literate and can fix most IT issues in my home networks without needing any help from BT. 

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