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Sister in law being charged more!!!!


So my sister in law has had no stop problems with BT since day 1. Constantly om the phone reporting problems and billing problems. Since september last year a suspiscious order was placed on her account. Bt even confirmed no order was placed by email, phone or internet by herself. Soo whats happened there? But they still insist on charging her for that order. 

Since that day she has refused to pay for the mess up by BT and they then stopped all services to the house. She has asked BT to cancel the contract earlier this year so she could switch provider but they have refused to allow her to cancel it and is still charging her every month for services she doesnt get anymore. She is a single mother with no job as she has got a newborn but BT keep on ringing her demanding payment or they will keep charging. Her original bill a month was less than 50 but they are now charging well over 200 a month for something services not provided. They will not even release the phone line even tho she doesmt have wifi.


Can anyone help?



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