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Speed too low, Needing to leave


I currently use BT Halo 1 Fibre, and Evening Calls,  with the contract ending on 13th April. I've been stuck with 25Mbps speeds for ages,  and have given up trying to get anything faster due to being too far from the exchange,  with no hope of FTTP.  I use a lot of streaming services and do get buffer issues,  especially as my partner currently works on the laptop from home using video meetings,  so at times it's a pain for her and myself. 


I'm looking to go to Virgin Media with their cable offerings, what's the best way to go about this? I talked to a representative from BT and know about early cancellation charges,  as an example date that I was given,  if I had left on 10th Jan, I would have been charged around £40. Obviously its going to be later now,  but is this approximate figure my total cost for leaving? And do I contact Virgin first if I want to keep my number? 

Thanks for looking, appreciate any help. 

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