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Suddenly I am in debt?



I thought in posting my query here as I want to hear other people's opinion on this and maybe someone can explain this.


I always had my BT contract for £21/month + line rental and used to pay this monthly. Now BT started to charge me every 3 months and also they put on my bill I am in debt. An example of what I see when I log in to my account here:




Should I just start to panic or is this normal? I also see this when I go to the Monthly calc, if it helps:



Reduce your monthly payments Outstanding account balance: £25.98

This is the amount you owe, taken from your last bill.


Average total monthly costs: £61.98 a month

We work this out using your last bill amount, minus any one off charges and then divide it by 3. If you’ve placed an order since your last bill, we will add your monthly rental and the predicted usage of the products on your account.

  To reduce the outstanding account balance and prevent your monthly payments from increasing, please make a one off payment below...




My monthly payments will be £62?


I just can't get my head aroung this.


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Re: Suddenly I am in debt?

It looks as though you've been moved from monthly billing to the Monthly Payment Plan. That's a bad idea for two reasons - (a) the MPP involves quarterly billing and (b) the MPP is hopeless. Because of the change, you are automatically in debit to the tune of 2 extra months advance charges and the MPP payments will be set automatically to recover this.


In a word, you've been had. Unless you did something which prompted the change in your billing method, I would get on to Billing Live Chat straight away and tell them to put it back to monthly. If they can't cope with it please return here for further assistance.

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