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Switching to Business Broadband from residential - to get a static IP address, what are the risks?


I currently have; Superfast Fibre Halo 2, on a residential line, but I will soon be needing a static IP address, so I have been considering switching BT Business Broadband, to get one.  However, I am slightly concerned about doing this for the following reasons.

  1. I have recently renewed my contract for BT broadband
  2. I also have a BT Mobile, phone plan, associated with my BT account
  3. I currently have the Halo 2, care plan
  4. I can not afford  a reduction in my download/upload speeds or fluctuating ping
  5. I now have the Smart Hub 2, and I don't want to downgrade to a lesser model
  6. I am concerned about the cost of having Business Broadband, instead of residential broadband

If I switch to BT Business Broadband, what will be the differences between that and my residential package, especially in regards to the above points of contention?  It seems like a lot of hassle and worries, just because I need a static IP address.  

Lastly, what is the business equivalent of my, Superfast Fibre Halo 2, package?



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Re: Switching to Business Broadband from residential - to get a static IP address, what are the risk


As BT Business and BT Residential are different parts of the business, you would not be able to change without cancelling your existing contract, at great expense, and starting a new BT Business account.

As to the different packages, you would have to look on the BT Business website.

Why do you need a static IP address, as a DDNS service will give you a web address that will always point to your public IP address?

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