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The cost of calling 0844 numbers

I thought that I could ring 0844 for free in my unlimited package periuod.


This is not true.


On ringing BT customer services a man in the Phillipines told me that the cost of ringing any 0844 number is a 15p connection charge and then 2.04p per minute.


This is not true


The cost can be at a whole load of different rates depending on the rest of the 0844 number.  I am told that these rates may be 1p 3p 5p 7p etc but I am not sure about this.


Can anyone please help  me (and BT) to understand these rates better?

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Re: The cost of calling 0844 numbers

There is plenty of help on this subject by doing a google search
This link is a good start

john46 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: The cost of calling 0844 numbers

The information on the cost of 0844 numbers is available, but BT really don't make it easy to find out how much a call will cost.


My method is this:

1. Look up the "Charge Rate" for the number in this list:

2. Look up the price per minute for the charge rate here: