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The elusive £100 Sainsburys Voucher, not happy

I signed up for a entirely new bt landline (we didn't even have a phone before) and infinitiy broadband back in march over the interwebs, and applied for the sainburys £100 gift card which was on offer to new infinity customers at the time. I waited diligently for the obligatory perioid all the while thinking of the marvellous things I would buy with the card, happy in the knowlege there is a sainsburys super store a mere 5 minutes walk from my house.


When no gift card showed up, I contacted bt phone support. They passed my complainted over to the voucher team who after a very lond period decided I was not eligible because I was not a new infinity custumoer and had not placed the order online... HUH?!


I subsequently called BT back and the perplexed lady at the other end agreed that this was clearly non-sense. She submitted another complaint... The voucher team unfortuanly never emailed me abou this claim, so today I called back BT to find out what was going on. Again the woman couldn't really work out why I haven't been sent a card yet, she just sort of said "something to do with the dates maybe, I don't really know, it doesn't make sense". Again, huh?? She kindly processed yet another appeal on my behalf.


Not sure what I've done to irk the people over at the elusive voucher team, but they seem hell bent on not sending me a voucher. Does anybody know how to escelate the problem? The whole complaints process has been totally ridiculous and very ineffective. Very poor custuomer service, and its plainly ridiculous the only way to complain about them is via online forms they never bother to respond to. Not a happy customer.

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Re: The elusive £100 Sainsburys Voucher, not happy

Hi Andy_


I am sorry to hear about the problems you have had in getting your voucher. I would like to take a look at your order to see why the voucher hasn't been sent. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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