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The worst service I've ever received. Is this normal?

I called at the end of my contract to ask BT what the best deal that they could do for me was. They told me and I went to look around. Found Sky at the same price with mobile so I decided to go with them. I called BT to let them know and ask how to not renew. I was offered an amazing deal. Mobile calls from landline, landline calls, broadband, international call package and voicemail for the same price I was paying for only broadband. They said that was done and I would receive and email. Happy until this point.


Then 2 weeks later with no email I called back. Turns out no notes on the system existed, nothing had been actioned and no contract existed. I then asked BT to listen to the call. The manager did this whilst I was on hold and confirmed everything I said. He said they would send that deal it to me in 7 days.


This morning I received the deal and it didn't have mobile or voicemail which is the reason I said I would stay with BT. (We live in the country so mobile signal is poor). I called up and the person on the other end didn't understand the situation, put me on hold twice for a collective time of 20 minutes, and told me the best she could do is send an email to the person who listened to the call. The phone call also dropped (bad mobile signal) and no one has called back. What do I do next? Feels like the only option is to leave BT.

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Re: The worst service I've ever received. Is this normal?

Hi hisashiq,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post.

Sorry to hear about the customer service that you have received, it sounds like it was far below the level we expect our customers to receive. 

I've sent you a Private Message with details on how you can get in contact with the mod team so that we can take a look into this for you.




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