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Trying desperately to leave BT

I'm at the end of my tether, it's been a stressful few weeks...

BT agents have lied, misdirected, and disregarded my plead to cancel.

I'm wondering if anyone else has been in this situation, because at this moment, I feel utterly alone and defeated.

Here's the background info:

♡No issues with BT as such, just extortionate costs - so much contact ended and I looked to find a new provider.

♡letter received from BT stating I'm 'free' to leave after my contact ends

♡my first interaction with a BT agent on the phone was the 1st of May, he tell me to give the new provider my home number and that'll switch me over immediately, contract will be cancelled 

♡Second contact with BT on the 10th - because no cancellation email received, the agent tells me that "no notes were left" on my previous discussion but he will cancel my "ended - contract" now, and it'll take 30 days, and also tells me the number port with the new provider is pointless 

♡third contact via phone, no email still. The agent again, tell me, there's no notes on the account, he even tries to make me stay with BT! I tell him why I'm leaving... now, not only because of the costs, but because of how I've been treated. He assures me, as the others did.. I'll cancel for you today 

♡meanwhile, several online chat interactions have been raised, but they were also unable to help.

♡I've filed an official complaint with BT and I'm hoping I'll find some resolution

I feel like I've ranted enough! 

I just had to express myself and hopefully find someone who could relate because I've just been making myself sick with all this 

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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

Are you wanting to cancel your BT Land line Phone, BT Mobile phone or BT Broadband?

If it is BT Broadband and if you are out of contract and wanting to leave BT and move to a new provider all you need to do is select your new provider and they will do the rest for you.

See the following link which explains the process.

Switching broadband provider - Ofcom

If it is a mobile phone see the following link

Switching mobile phone provider - Ofcom

If it is a Landline phone see the following

Switching landline - Ofcom


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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

If you are wanting to move to another supplier that uses the same cabling as BT all you needed to do was place an order with them and they would have done the rest - no need to chase BT.

If you want to move to Virgin Media or an Altnet fibre provider then to avoid break in service you would normally get an installation date and only cancel BT when you knew that the notice period was definitely after the installation.

However there is a danger that what you have done is asked BT to cease without being linked to a new supplier order. If this is the case your services will cease after 30 days and you may not be able to order a new service until that happens resulting in a break in service.

You didn’t need to get a ‘cancellation’ email from BT unless you had told them you were moving to Virgin or an Altnet.

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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

I've just left BT to go to vodafone. No calls required. Vodafone do the switch.
All done in a week or 2.
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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

That's great, really glad you've not had to deal with the same issues as me.

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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

Sorry you've had so much trouble

You seem to have been misinformed a lot..Just find new order. That's it. 

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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

I did tell them that Virgin was taking over. So now I'm currently paying for both Virgin and BT. 

The first agent told me to give Virgin my home number and they can port it over?

But Virgin tried and it didn't work

Second agent said its not possible to port to Virgin because of the cable situation you mentioned 

Thank you so much for replying, I really appreciate it 💗 

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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

Thank you so much. I'm going to plug in the virgin box I received for quick start and see if it ports over ? 🤞🏻

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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

It is correct that if moving to Virgin you usually cannot port your number. This is for historic reasons and Virgin should have told you this.

So yes - it does sound that BT has messed up the cease. Not making excuses for them but most people leaving would be migrating to another Openreach supplied service, and people moving to Virgin are probably less common nowadays.

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Re: Trying desperately to leave BT

Thank you for taking the time to reply 😁

Wanting to cancel TV package, Internet and apparently I've got a land line, so they have said they need to port it over?

Thank you for the links, I'll look at them now!

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