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Unable to renew Broadband contract using Online function

I have Infinity 2 and BT Sport.

I received emails from BT advising the contract expires 17 Dec and I would pay extra for BT Sport if not renewed. 
I have tried several times last week and this week to make an online renewal on my iPad and iPhone browser..
I have used the email buttons  to navigate to the renewal page but I am disconnected by the system using both Safari and Chrome.  I have tried using the My BT app but I get cut off there as well.

I am currently in Australia and calling the “from outside UK” (Swindon) number at UK office hours I am forced to negotiate lengthy automated attendant systems and get told all agents are occupied with no info on place in queue. 
I sent an email to Customer Care last Friday but no response so far.

Is there a problem with the on line renewal system?

Any ideas  ?



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