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Unable to upgrade broadband package

I live in a rural area so I understand my broadband speed are not going to be great, I have been on a connection of between 1-2mb fluctuating between the two for years now, fluctuating mainly because it gets capped at some points (an engineer on one of his previous visit confirmed this while fixing a problem with the line) so I have been eagerly awaiting fibre in my area for some time.

The last engineer to come out confirmed our exchange has been enabled so it will be rolled out very soon,after checking on a regular occurrence at bt open reach website it finally said that my exchange is accepting orders for fibre, great I thought.

The first phone call I made t obt about upgrading I was told I would be paying an extra £5 a month to moved on to a fibre/copper line as it isn't fully fibre, and that my speed would be 2mb. Obviously I was less than thrilled not a week prior to this bt had contacted me about renewing my contract as it has been 24+ months and my previous one expired ( they offered me another 12 month contract at the same speed for 1/2 my current price) so paying £5 did make me laugh.

Thinking the guy was new I thanked him and phoned back again an hour later, this time I was told that there is no fibre avaliable in my area, after I told the person on the other end about my conversation he said " oh yes so it is" and that he could upgrade me to the faster broadband line and lock me into a 12 month contract, however when I asked what speed I would be getting he would only tell me 1.1mb.

I'm honestly very confused as to why I would lock myself into a 12 month contract, paying more and getting slower speeds?

When I asked if I were to go ahead and do this and my speed did not improve what my options would be I simply got silence before a " well that's up to you "

Not very helpful and now im contemplating changing providers to see if I can actually get a straight answer, who would of thought it would be this difficult.

So if a member of bt could contact me with some useful information on the speeds I could receive that would be appreciated as I don't see why I cannot get a faster speed if my line has been upgraded, im not looking for a 20-40 mb line but even a couple of mb increase would be well worth it for me, im not however going to lock into a contract when you cant even tell me the speed I would get.

A very confused and unsatisfied customer.....

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Re: Unable to upgrade broadband package

this is a customer help customer forum as it says at the top  your post does not go to BT


can you enter your phone number and post results  remember to delete number


even if your exchnage is upgraded for fibre it will only be available if your street cabinet has been upgraded

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Re: Unable to upgrade broadband package

The problem is that VDSL doesn't travel as well as ADSL.


Since ADSL was introduced, it's been tweaked quite a bit, and can give usable results over lines many kilometers long.


VDSL, as used on Infinity, was only designed to span the short hop between the roadside cabinet and the home.  Which doesn't really help in rural areas where the cabinets may be a long way from the home.


The end result is that if you are too far away from the green cabinet, VDSL can acually be slower than ADSL back to the exchange.


See the graph jac_95 posted here:

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