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Unauthorised removal of unlimited anytime calls add on

In December 2014 I placed an order to upgrade to BT Infinity, after much messing around due to some other issues this finally completed late January 2015.


On my last bill in December 2014 I was billed for 3 months in advance of the anytime calls ADD ON. When I logged into my BT account at the start of April I was shocked to see that I had accumulated over £80.00 of call charges. I then noticed that the Any time calls add on was removed from my account.


Having now received my latest bill, I have been billed for the call charges, and credit for the anytime calls addon charged in December. At no stage in my order did I request removal of this, nor was it mentioned at any point. I have now re added it to my account to avoid future call charges, however I am appalled that BT have simply removed it and decided to charge me for my calls.


Secondly, I have been charged £13.50 (after netting discounts / costs) for the supposedly free BT Sport on my TV package.


After all the various credits / charges  have been totalled my quarterly bill is a staggering £295, when in reality it should ony be £223 (due to the following 1 off charges: 5.99 deliver, £35 TV activation, £27.27 net increase on B/band costs).


As a result of my bill being £295 my direct debit has increased by over %100 to a completly insane figure of £131.50 per month. If I remained on this for the next 3 months, I would at the end of the 3 months be £100 in credit (with a further £50 to be credit to my account due to a required deposit being refunded). This when the minimum my next bill will be is £155, and the max (based on normal usage is £180). How do BT have the gall to not only bill in advance of services provided, but to then demand you pay in advance of the bill being issued? 


Can anyone advise on the following:


1) Do I have any chance of getting the anytime calls issue sorted and the call charges credited to my account?

2) Why was I billed for BT sport when I was in contract the whole time?

3) How BT caculate their Direct Debit demands?


Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks in advance to those that assist.

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Re: Unauthorised removal of unlimited anytime calls add on


I am sorry to see you are having problems

I suggest you contact live chat at this link they should be able to help you
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Re: Unauthorised removal of unlimited anytime calls add on



Many thanks for the response, I wasn't aware there was a specific online chat for billing. I have contacted them and they have resolved the issue with the BT sport charges, but are unable to provide any evidence for the removal of the anytime calls add on.


I've spent close to 2 and a half hours with them on chat, and have retained a pdf transcript during which they repeatedly refused to provide any evidence that I requested the add on be removed.


Given that, I assume my next point of contact is to either submit a DSAR to get a full copy of the order from them (which they repeatedly refused to provide) or to call the complaints line?


Thanks again.

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Re: Unauthorised removal of unlimited anytime calls add on

It has always amazed me how the BT package change system just needs a telephone number and a postcode to change the package, neither of which are "secret". No log in required.

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