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Understanding the availability checker


Could anyone help me understand what the availability checker is saying on my new address please? I moved home 8 weeks ago and had things all arranged with BT for broadband installation on July 6th. From what I understand, the previous home owner had this. This never happened due to a fault somewhere and for the last 8 weeks it has been the most frustrating situation trying to understand what is going on, being pushed from pillar to post between BT and Open Reach. Every time I talk (well, I say talk, it's usually a text update) to BT they say they have not had an update from Open Reach about the work to be done by them - and obviously I can't talk to them! I'm not even sure what it is they are supposed to be doing - something about laying 1000 yards of cable! I came across this forum while trying to find out how I can get some advice and saw the availability checker tool.

An Open Reach engineer actually turned up at the door out of the blue 2 weeks ago and he did something for a while, something about bypassing something, and he made the home phone line active. I have the phone number, but putting this into the availability checker says it's not live - There is no data available for this number. This could be either because it is not a BT line or it is a new BT number that has just been provided. Most new numbers will appear on the checker 24 hours after BT has installed the line - 

So I've done it by address, although I understand this is not that reliable. Could anyone clarify what this is saying please? And maybe it indicates what I am waiting for? Many thanks in anticipation!


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Re: Understanding the availability checker

checker is showing that fibre  FTTC is available to you with expected speed range 80/78mb and FTTP (fibre to the premises ) is not available to you..  From that you should be able to place an order with whichever ISP you decide

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Re: Understanding the availability checker

Hi @Julie9, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Sorry that you are still waiting for your broadband service to be connected.

The checker shows that FTTP broadband is not available in your area but FTTC is available and this would explain why you got the phone line working but no broadband. If they are laying cable to the cabinet that would be the cause for the delay. I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with the Mod team and we'll be happy to look at your order and let you know exactly what is happening and when you can expect to have the broadband connected.



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Re: Understanding the availability checker

There must be some error if the previous occupant had FTTC broadband and a decent speed and you are being told that a 1000m of cable is required ( unless the existing cable to your home is faulty and needs replacement , but if that were the case you wouldn’t have dialtone and a working phone service.)
Is there anything out of the ordinary about your address ?, is it single property on its own in the middle of nowhere ( for example ) or is it a ‘normal’ property in a regular street with close by neighbours etc ?, have you entered any of your neighbours details into the checker ( assuming you have close by neighbours).

If you have dialtone then your ‘connection’ is established to the exchange , so broadband should be available , if the wholesale checker is correct ( although you state it’s using the address checker rather than the phone number ) it does show FTTC available and you must be close to the cabinet as the predicted FTTC  speed is very good.
It’s possible that ( given that exchange based ADSL is only predicting 1Mb ) , that you are quite some distance from the exchange so it’s possible that a cabinet was installed where one previously didn’t exist just to improve broadband, perhaps yours is an a Openreach records issue , in that somehow you are not shown as being served from the cabinet even though you are.

Unfortunately,  if it’s the case that you are not served via the cabinet and are using what’s called an E/O line where your line comes direct from the exchange without going through a cabinet , then exchange based ADSL is all that’s available, 

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Re: Understanding the availability checker

Not entirely sure why Openreach would be using ‘Yards’ as a unit of measurement as they’ve always used Metres.

Anyway 1000 yards is just over 900m.

The address checker says you’ll get a Sync Rate between 77 and 80Mbps.

If the address checker is correct there’s no way you’re over 900m from the cab. So either that is wrong or the Estimated Speeds on the Checker are.

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Re: Understanding the availability checker

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply! @JohnC2  I'm going to reply to your PM right now with further info.

The yard measurement was my mistake, I guess it must be metres. Had another frustrating call yesterday where nobody can give me any updates on what's going on but a promise to call today, but then another 'No reply' text saying they will call this Friday. 

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