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Unexplained International connects/disconnects calls added to my bill, following a 24 hours disconne

I’ve recently had a few issues with my BT landline since beginning of May 2017, tried all right channels and my best to resolve them by submitting complain according to rules of BT with but unfortunately didn’t get anywhere. Below is the summary of my contacts with BT:

On 18th May 2017 @2:30PM, I had 24 hours of disconnect on my landline/broadband, called BT and the customer support (they are not helpful) and they informed me that this may take 7 days to be resolved!! I couldn’t wait for seven days so called the BT again, this time they informed me that if the issue is with BT then it should be resolved within days. I chased them again on 19th May 2017, somehow they identified the issue that was on BT end and resolved it by 3PM. I subsequently submit a complaint and received a complaint reference number and was informed BT will be calling me within 72 hours which I never received any calls and no compensation was paid!! As I was checking my bills for month of June, because I received expected high bill, I also discovered that I have been charged £30.44 for international calls that I never made. When I further checked my bill for month of May, I realised another charge of £1.58. I called BT and submit another complain for these unexplained international calls (these are connects and disconnects to my landline lasting only a few seconds for example, 1 sec, 2 sec, 4, sec, etc) and after two weeks didn’t get anywhere with BT, in fact on 22nd May I had 18 connects/disconnects, the pattern doesn’t make sense and no one was at home to make these so calls (connects/disconnects) anyway!!! I almost spoke to everyone on BT in last two weeks but no investigations were done to make a sense of these connects/disconnects. Today, I was called by a BT manager (not being friendly at all, I refer BT to listen my call conversations in last two weeks) to inform me that I have made these unexplained connects/disconnects stands!! I felt that I have been bullied for paying calls that I haven’t made and decided to escalate the issue to ombudsman and social media for this scam which I believe is like a day light rubbery. This is a matter of principle rather than money and is questioning my personal integrity for being in IT for 25 years and working for biggest British Financial institution. I will do everything in my power and whatever it takes to discover this scam within BT.

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Re: Unexplained International connects/disconnects calls added to my bill, following a 24 hours disc

Hi @atalebi,


Welcome to the community forum. Having read your post I can understand your frustration. I would like to take a look at the details of your complaint. Please could you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





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