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Unfair engineer charge - taking complaint further

I received a bill today and I have been unfairly charged for an engineer call out.

When BT sent a text advising when the engineer would arrive and that I might be cancelled I decided to text back CANCEL as I didn't want to be charged. The engineer arrived, I told him I had cancelled but said he might as well come in and run tests now he's here. I told him the fault coincided with some guys working on wires at the end of my road and he said yes they are there today too.

He did something to an old contact upstairs and it seemed to be better but he said it was not an internal fault as such and he would word his report accordingly. I was offered no copy of this report as its processed internally so I wonder what it said now?

In the last two weeks, the fault has re-occured and is now even worse. So with the cancellation text, the suggestion from the engineer that it wasn't my issue and the fact that the problem is now even worse. On top of all this, I ordered a new hub in the hope that would make the problem go away. It hasn't helped.

I went through the usual online complaints and spoke to a very unhelpful woman who spoke to me as if I was making up a story and said she will NOT be removing the charge. So my questions is aside from waiting for the next level call ill get within 48 hours, who should I escalate this with? Is it ofcom?



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Re: Unfair engineer charge - taking complaint further

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Unfair engineer charge - taking complaint further

Hi @AnnmarieTeza,

I am sorry to hear about the problems with this. It sounds like you are speaking with the Engineer Home Improvement Service team based in Cardiff. They deal with all questions like this and should be able to contact Openreach for engineer notes.

In your post you've asked what options are available to you next. Please take a look at our Customer Complaints Code. On that page you will find a pdf file that explains how you can escalate the issue. You'll find that part under "What to do and when" steps 1 to 4. It's worth reviewing the whole file as it explains what you can do if we can't resolve your complaint.

This link explains when we may raise a charge: Engineer charges



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