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Unfalr engineer charge on my bill from BT



I am at my wits end with BT and I just wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar proble regarding engineer charges.


It all started when I signed up with BT at the beginning of June. The broadband constantly kept dropping, I had a crackly phone line, and everytime I recieved a call the braodband dropped. Having reported the fault to BT on numerous occassions and after going through all the wiring and equipment checking, they sent an engineer out to look at the problem.


This engineer changed a copper plate in a box that he thought might be the problem, and said the internet speed had improved. So we thought the problem was fixed.


However, literally within two days exactly the same problems reoccurred. We reported this to BT again and again, going through the same old equipment checking. They first said there was no problem with the phone line, but said they could see the broadband still kept dropping. After two months, they finally sent an engineer out to look at the problem again. It turned out the issue all along was a telephone mast down the end of the road that was not connected properly, therefore a BT issue. The engineers had fixed this and since then, the broadband has been working fine.


However, having checked my bill this week, it turns out BT have slapped on a £99 charge for "fixing our broadband" when an engineer was sent out the first time.


BT say they have charged this because as the internet speed inproved straight after the engineer changed this copper plate, they fixed the problem. But of course they didn't, as problems still occured. After lots of phone calls, rude staff and being passed around to pretty much everyone in the call center, they are now saying the second fault ir reported was a "telephone fault" not a "broadband fault" so is a seperate issue, therefore I still have to pay the £99 because they "fixed" the first issue.


I am now furious, as I am being asked to pay for something BT clearly hasn't fixed. I told them when I reported the fault again after the first engineer came that the same problems are continuing, but they have proceeded to process it as a "separate fault" purely so I have to pay the charge, it seems.


I have asked them to escalate the issue, and it is now being passed to the complaint review team, but I can't help feeling they will not back down on this.


It would be great to find out if anyone has had asimilar problem. Thanks.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Unfalr engineer charge on my bill from BT

It may be that a forum moderator can look into this for you. If they can help they will contact you via this post.

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Re: Unfalr engineer charge on my bill from BT

Hi Honor1984,


I would like to take a look at the details of your account to see why this charge was raised. Please could you send me in your details using the link found in the "About Me" section of my profile?





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: Unfalr engineer charge on my bill from BT

Hi Paddy,


I have replied as requested with my detail. I really hope you can help as I am furious about this charge! Thanks.

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